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Aluminum Awning & Canopy Guide

Looking to upgrade the facade of your business but don’t know where to start? Aluminum awnings and canopies can add much needed architectural interest. Not only will an aluminum awning enhance the building’s exterior, but it can add useful functionality as well.

While there exists a wide array of options when it comes to commercial awnings and canopies, aluminum is an extremely versatile material that is highly customizable and can work for almost any project. Whatever your particular specifications may be, an aluminum awning or canopy can be the perfect way to elevate the look of your property.

Why Aluminum Is An Ideal Choice For Awnings

You may be wondering why aluminum is such a popular choice for awnings and canopies. What makes aluminum such an appealing material are the unique properties it possesses. An extremely lightweight metal, aluminum is highly durable yet remarkably strong. These seemingly contradictory qualities manage to blend together to create a material that is ideally suited to provide strong structural framing for the canopy or awning.

The aluminum framing is built to withstand even the most volatile weather conditions. Not only is aluminum strong enough to endure the elements, but no matter how often it is exposed to rain and water, it will not rust because it is a naturally non-corrosive material. This is also why aluminum has become such an ideal choice for the roofing material as well. No matter how many times it is rained on, it will stay clean and rust free.

Another benefit of the durability that aluminum offers is the low level of maintenance that is necessary for its upkeep. Other awning materials require regular repairs and may need deep cleanings after storms or bad weather. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a particularly easy material to clean and requires little to no maintenance. You’ll also never have to worry about sun damage as it is resistant to fading or sun spots.

Due to the low maintenance nature of aluminum awnings, it is often a more cost-effective choice as well. Having to pay for repairs and complex cleanings can quickly make other awning materials vastly more expensive in the long term. Lastly, aluminum is a material that is highly customizable. It can be tailored to your exact specifications and painted to perfectly match the exterior of your building.

Using Aluminum Awnings In Residential & Commercial Projects

These qualities that aluminum possesses has made it a popular choice in both residential and commercial projects. Apartment buildings and condominium developments can greatly enhance their curb appeal with the addition of an aluminum awning. The awning will add to the building’s architectural interest. What may have previously been another standard run-of-the-mill apartment complex will suddenly be an eye-catching statement-making building with an exterior that catches the eye of both pedestrians and drivers.

Not only will this bring great pride to the building’s residents, it will also allow the building to be more in demand. People who have never even walked inside may be tempted to inquire about availability because they are so impressed by the building’s exterior. Oftentimes, when people drive through neighborhoods to take a look at where they might want to live, an attractive exterior can make all the difference.

Besides for curb appeal, an aluminum awning can also be particularly useful to the building’s residents and guests. If they are waiting for a taxi or need to bring in groceries from the car, an awning can provide much needed shelter from the rain or snow. If it’s a very sunny day, the awning can provide shade while allowing residents to enjoy some fresh air.

Commercial properties can also greatly benefit from aluminum awnings and canopies. Equipped with the unique ability to act as a marketing tool for a business, a professionally designed awning will make a visual statement that will draw the eye. It can attract customers by simply existing and drawing attention to the business’s exterior. It will also set the business apart from its neighbors, allowing it to stand out from the crowd and not get swallowed in a sea of commercial properties.

As stated previously, an aluminum awning can provide much needed protection from the elements, including rain, wind, snow, and sun. If a business provides this coveted space for shelter, it will attract more customers. Not only will people be more inclined to venture from their car if they see that refuge is closer than the front door, but passersby who had no prior intention of stepping inside may do so if they pause to take cover under the business’s awning.

Blending Your Awning Design With The Building Architecture

It’s already been mentioned that aluminum is a highly customizable material, thus making it ideal for commercial awnings and canopies. You may be wondering what this means in practicality. How is it customizable?

Beginning with the frame profile, you can customize the aluminum frame of your canopy according to your specifications. These range in size from six inches to twelve inches. If you’re looking to create maximum architectural impact, you can choose to incorporate profile add-ons as well. These include fascia crown extenders and channel add-ons in a variety of sizes.

To safely support the aluminum canopy, a selection of canopy supports allows you to choose between hanger rods, pre-installed cantilevers, built-in cantilevers, or a combination of cantilevers and cables.

The aluminum itself comes in a wide variety of finish colors. Options include black, gray, gold, and white. The gloss level on these colors allows for further customization. You can choose between flat, matte, eggshell, and satin.

The lighting options for aluminum canopies allow you to install the lights of your choosing underneath the canopy. For apartment complexes and businesses that operate during nighttime hours, this can be extremely beneficial for both easy visibility and safety.

Custom Extruded Aluminum Canopies

The customization options don’t end there. At Duralux Architectural Canopies, we manufacture each aluminum canopy and awning in-house. As such, our team of expert designers and engineers can work together with you to create an aluminum awning tailored perfectly to your exact specifications and needs.

Not only will the final result be visually pleasing to the eye, it will also be backed by our commitment to quality. Utilizing heavy extruded aluminum for the utmost in durability and strength, our awnings and canopies are constructed to withstand even the harshest of elements. Structurally sound, they will provide architectural impact and useful practicality. Be sure to make a statement and drive business inside your doors with a Duralux architectural aluminum canopy.