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Apartment Building Awnings Guide

Awnings are a great way to enhance the exterior of an apartment building. Not only will an awning provide architectural impact, but it can also be extremely useful to both tenants and guests. If you are thinking about creating a custom awning for your residential property, you may be overwhelmed by the decisions involved in such a project.

This apartment building awnings guide will explain the benefits of residential awnings, the types of awning materials that exist, and how to best choose the one most suited to your particular needs.

Benefits Of Awnings For Apartment Buildings

It can sometimes be difficult for an apartment building to stand out from the crowd. Oftentimes, it merely gets lost in a sea of other apartment buildings that may look identical. While renovating the building lobby and other parts of the building’s interior can make a big difference for its residents, it won’t add to the curb appeal of the apartment complex.

Curb appeal matters for a multitude of reasons. It can bring pride to the building’s inhabitants, which in turn will keep them happy and satisfied. It can also help bring in potential tenants because first impressions and curb appeal matters to those on the hunt for an upgrade to their living arrangements.

Besides the obvious visual impact that an architectural awning can create, an awning can also serve as a marketing tool for the apartment building. A custom designed awning can display the building’s name or their logo. Not only does this help with the branding of the company, but it also elevates it as well. A statement-making awning featuring the complex’s name deems the building a luxury brand.

Perhaps a more obvious benefit of having an awning for apartment buildings is the functionality that it provides. Depending on the type of awning material that you choose, it can offer protection from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. In an area that always has a lot of foot traffic, both from residents and their guests, adequate shelter from the elements is crucial. No one wants to bring in their groceries while running through the rain. Hailing a cab or waiting for your Uber ride can be equally unpleasant in bad weather.

Not only does the awning provide an outdoor space in front of the building’s entrance that is shielded from the elements, it also extends the lobby outside and allows residents to enjoy a breath of fresh air in a space that is designated for them. This increases tenant satisfaction and will allow them to enjoy every aspect that the building offers, not just their actual apartment.

Types Of Apartment Building Awnings

The benefits of having an awning for apartment buildings are abundantly clear, however, which type of awning is the best? The good news is that there is no best or worst or good or bad when it comes to awning materials. Each awning type has its own advantages and which one you choose will largely depend on where you are located and what your particular needs are. Below you can find a synopsis on each type of apartment building awning.

Extruded Aluminum Awnings for Apartment Building

An extremely customizable option, aluminum awnings have become very popular because of the unique properties of its composition. An extremely lightweight metal that is surprisingly strong and durable, aluminum is naturally non-corrosive and will not rust. Due to its constant exposure to rain and snow, aluminum’s durability will allow for low maintenance upkeep and longevity.

Providing shelter from rain, snow, and even the sun, aluminum awnings can be customized to match the exterior of the apartment building and present a sleek high-end look. The extruded aluminum framing can also be tailored to fit the exact design specifications of your project and will ensure a solid structural foundation for the awning.

Glass Awnings for Apartment Buildings

Highly modern and sleek in their design, glass awnings are sure to make a statement. Enhance the facade of your apartment building with a glass awning that will provide shelter from rain and snow. However, the glass panels will still allow the sun to shine through, enabling residents to bask in the sun and enjoy its rays in a well-lit outdoor space.

Extruded aluminum framing ensures that the glass awning is secure and adds even more modernity to the overall look of the awning. If you are looking to add architectural interest that will make a splash, a glass awning can be an ideal option.

Louvered Awnings for Apartment Buildings

A louvered awning is particularly unique in its design. A series of slats combine together to provide much needed shade on sunny days. When the sun is very bright, tenants can still enjoy the rays of natural sunlight that are filtered through the slats of the louvered awning. In environments that see a lot of sun and very little rain, a louvered awning can be the perfect option.

Not only does a louvered awning offer just the right amount of shade from the sun, it also dispels the amount of heat expelled on sunny days. As the rays are filtered through the slats, it reduces the level of heat and provides a cool respite on otherwise unbearably hot days. Extremely durable in its construction, the louvered awning features extruded aluminum slats and framing. This ensures that the entire awning remains rust free and extremely low maintenance in its upkeep.

Wood Awnings for Apartment Buildings

Truly striking in its design, a wooden awning can provide a touch of mid-century modernity and luxury to an apartment building. A series of wooden inserts are placed in aluminum framing for a visually appealing awning that will set the building’s exterior apart from the crowd. Providing protection from rain, snow, and wind, a wood awning also offers adequate shade from the sun.

Fabric Awnings for Apartment Buildings

Also a very customizable option, fabric awnings are a popular choice because of their economical price point. Equipped to offer shelter from the elements, including the sun, rain, wind, and snow, custom fabric awnings are an ideal budget friendly option.

Duralux Residential Awnings

All too often, people can get overwhelmed by the choices of awnings available to them and they become uncertain where to even start. Even worse, they postpone the project and prevent both the building’s residents and guests from enjoying all of the benefits that an awning can provide.

At Duralux Architectural Canopies, our highly skilled team of designers and engineers will work together with you to create a custom designed awning that will enhance the curb appeal of your apartment building. However, we won’t stop there. Throughout the entire process, from the design to the installation, we will make sure that each choice is one that is best suited to your project and design. It’s time to elevate your apartment building with a custom-designed architectural awning.