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Commercial Awnings Guide

Commercial awnings and canopies can enhance the facade of any property. It may seem arbitrary for something as simple as an awning to completely upgrade the look of a commercial space, but the right awning will do just that. Not only will it protect both customers and employees from the elements, it will also add architectural interest to the property. However, it can be daunting when it comes to deciding which awning to choose. This guide will break down the components.

What Is A Commercial Awning?

A commercial awning is meant to make a business’s exterior more appealing to the eye. It singlehandedly expands the commercial space while offering convenient protection from the elements. Constructed with aluminum for the ultimate in durability, a commercial canopy will set your business apart from the crowd.

Weather resistant materials ensure optimal protection from rain, snow, and sleet. For days with gorgeous sunny skies, the awning will act as a sunshade, allowing the space to be utilized to its fullest.

Add to the aesthetic beauty of your commercial space with an awning designed to enhance visual interest. With options for all-aluminum canopies, glass canopies on aluminum frames, wood inserts on aluminum frames, and custom fabric awnings, there is truly something for every commercial space.

How Commercial Awnings Are Used

Commercial awnings are used across so many different types of business and locations. While the exact needs of each may vary, any commercial space can benefit from a commercial awning. These spaces include:

  • Storefronts – Retail spaces greatly benefit from the use of commercial awnings. These will often draw the customer’s eye to a space they may have previously ignored. Additionally, the extra exterior space allows customers to pause and take a peek through the window regardless of the elements outside. Restaurants in particular can benefit from this feature, thereby allowing customers to take a quick look at their menu before simply walking by.
  • Hotels – When driving up to a hotel, guests want to feel wowed by the exterior. A commercial awning will add that architectural interest and modernity to take the property to the next level. The awning will also allow guests to have a space to gather and socialize while enjoying some fresh air or perhaps waiting for the rest of their party to arrive.
  • Commercial Buildings – All too often, commercial buildings can just fade into one another. As large structures that are filled with offices, people associate office buildings with drabness and boredom. However, a commercial awning can make a huge impact and set one building apart from the rest. Employees can also benefit from additional outdoor space that is protected from the elements.
  • Residential Buildings – When attempting to attract tenants, residential buildings should not only focus on their interiors. An attractive exterior is what first makes someone want to even walk inside. Perhaps most importantly, tenants will appreciate awnings that provide the additional outdoor space, allowing them to unpack groceries, wait for deliveries, and more, without worrying about the weather.
  • Houses of Worship – Both before and after services, congregants like to gather outside their place of worship. They may be catching up with friends or discussing the service. A commercial awning provides the space necessary to do so, regardless of the weather.

What To Look For When Selecting A Commercial Awning

The benefits of a commercial awning are clear. However, it is important to know what to look for when selecting an awning. There are several key components to consider before beginning the process of awning customization. These include functionality, materials, the desired architectural look, and awning drainage.

Awning Functionality

Perhaps the most important question to begin with is – What is the awning needed for? If rain is not a concern and you simply want to offer some shade, a louvered awning with slats can be an optimal choice. If lots of sunshine is something that is appealing to you, a glass canopy on an aluminum frame will still allow the sun to shine through while providing architectural interest and protection from the elements.

If you prefer shade as well as protection from the elements, an extruded aluminum canopy is an extremely versatile and highly customizable option. For a more modern and luxurious vibe, wooden inserts on an aluminum framed canopy can really set your space apart from the rest.

Awning Material

Awnings have the unique ability to add architectural impact to a facade, yet it is imperative to note that safety and quality should not be ignored. For a superior awning that is built to last the natural wear and tear of outdoor elements, an aluminum frame offers the highest quality and durability. With an aluminum frame in place, you can then decide on glass, aluminum, wood, or canvas for the inserts depending on your functionality needs.

Architectural Look

A key component to take into consideration when customizing an awning is what type of architectural vibe you are going for. Take into account the entire exterior and make sure to choose an awning that will complement the overall look. Besides for the actual awning itself, these details include the architectural accent elements which can be custom designed, the powder coating color of the aluminum, and its gloss level.

Awning Drainage

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a commercial awning, proper awning drainage is vital. Without adequate drainage, the awning will not allow people to enjoy its added space and beauty. Gutters and gutter extenders will ensure awning drainage and prevent unwanted drips and leaks.

The Benefits Of Duralux Architectural Awnings

Duralux architectural canopies and awnings lead the market in both quality and innovation. Each of our awnings are constructed with heavy extruded aluminum for the ultimate in durability. Our fully engineered awnings are designed to be stronger than typical canopies and are built to be weather resistant, thereby able to properly serve their function of protection against the elements.

Made in the United States, our awnings are pre-welded prior to installation at an off-site location. This prevents your commercial space from being overtaken with welding equipment and engineers, and is also safer for everyone involved. With options for powder coating in black, gray, gold, and white, we offer color samples to ensure that the project is carried out exactly to our client’s specifications.

At Duralux, our team of highly qualified experts will work closely with each client to deliver a product that will complement their commercial space. No matter how big or small, each awning is designed and customized to truly enhance the exterior’s look and function. Prepare to be wowed.