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Glass Awning & Canopy Guide

If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your business, awnings and canopies have the unique ability to add architectural interest. Not only do they enhance the building’s facade, they are also one of the more popular and budget friendly options that can do that. Other building enhancements can be significantly more expensive and complicated.

Differentiate yourself from the other businesses around you with an architectural awning that will make a statement and draw the eye to the building’s entrance. While there are many options for awning materials, glass has become a tried-and-true favorite.

Why Commercial Glass Awnings Are So Popular

There are plenty of reasons why glass has become such a popular material for awnings and canopies. The sleek look of glass is both modern and timeless at the same time. In a world of ever-changing trends, a glass awning will never go out of style. A true minimalist at its core, glass has the unique ability to look good with practically all decor styles.

A commercial glass awning will also provide protection against the elements. If your business is located in a place that is prone to rain or snow, an outdoor area that is shielded from bad weather is crucial. It will allow customers to comfortably enter the space while avoiding the perils of undesirable outdoor elements.

This protected area beneath the awning will also maximize the actual space of the business. An outdoor area allows customers or patrons to enjoy some fresh air, regardless of the weather conditions. Should it be a beautiful sunny day, the glass canopy, with its clear awning, enables the rays to pass through and brighten the entire exterior space.

Another important reason as to why the commercial glass canopy has become so popular is because of the low maintenance and upkeep required. Glass is a material that is very easy to maintain and is not prone to wear and tear from the elements. As such, it can also last significantly longer than other materials.

The Components Of A Glass Awning System

To make the glass awning design as stable and as durable as possible, aluminum is used as the frame material. An extremely versatile material, aluminum is unique because it is simultaneously lightweight yet strong. Aluminum is also naturally corrosion resistant, which is extremely advantageous since it will be installed in an area that is constantly exposed to the elements.

Once the glass has been installed in the aluminum frame, it can be attached to the building’s exterior. This mounting process is carefully done using canopy supports. The options for glass awning support systems include hanger rods, cantilevers, or combination of both cables and cantilevers.

As its name suggests, a hanger rod system is mounted to the space above the awning and protrudes outward like two arms, supporting the canopy beneath it. Cantilevers, on the other hand, provide support brackets that are built into the business’s exterior for a more clean and minimalist look. Depending on the size of the awning, cables can be added to the cantilever support system for additional support.

Drainage options are also important to consider when selecting the components for your aluminum and glass awning. In order for the awning to function properly, it needs to have a gutter system in place so that rainwater can drain properly. These gutters become part of the architectural design and are seamlessly added to the awning or canopy to ensure that water does not pool on the roof or come down in torrents off the edges.

How To Clean Glass Awnings

By its nature, glass is a very sleek material. This is a quality that makes it highly desirable since it has the ability to greatly enhance the facade of any commercial space. However, it is vitally important to keep your glass awning clean if you want to maintain that sleek look.

Although the idea of cleaning a glass awning or canopy may seem intimidating, glass is actually one of the easiest materials to clean. To do so, you will need a cleaning brush that has an elongating pole and a water fed supply system that attaches to a garden hose. Depending on the exact reach of the pole and the height of your glass awning, you may or may not need a ladder to reach the entirety of the awning.

Simply use the brush to initially wipe off any large pieces of debris that are sitting on the awning. Utilize the sprayer function to spray water onto the awning or canopy and then proceed to scrub away any built-up dirt and grime with the cleaning brush. This system allows you to safely clean both the underside and topside of your awning.

These tools are available at most home improvement stores and can be marketed as awning cleaners or solar panel cleaners. Both options will work well for cleaning glass canopies. If you’d like to get creative, you can even assemble your own cleaning device that incorporates both the brush head and a water spraying system.

Duralux Architectural Glass Canopies

At Duralux Architectural Canopies, it is our goal to provide you with a glass canopy or awning that will add focal interest to the exterior of your business. We understand how much first impressions matter and a sleek glass canopy is guaranteed to make the right type of statement.

While looks definitely matter, our expert team of engineers ensure that each awning is designed and constructed to be safe, durable, and long-lasting. Heavy extruded aluminum is used for the canopy’s frame, an extremely resilient material that is very strong yet pliable. Produced entirely in the United States, every metal and glass awning is fully engineered according to the specifics of each particular project.

Every component is pre-welded prior to installation. This ensures that the engineering and construction process is done in-house, in an environment with the proper space, tools and safety guidelines in place. It is then carefully transported to the building’s location and expertly installed. Not only is this process safer, it also guarantees that the actual installation process will not stretch on for days and weeks, taking up pivotal space from the building’s entrance and being a potential hazard to anyone who passes by.

Allow Duralux Architectural Canopies to transform your business’s exterior with a modern glass awning. We pride ourselves in being a glass canopy company that creatively collaborates with our clients to build truly stunning custom designs. Become the talk of the block and maximize the number of customers you attract with an entrance that beckons people inside.