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Hotel Awning Guide

Hotels are some of the most distinguishable commercial buildings in the world. Regardless of the part of the world in which you’re located, you can likely identify a hotel based on its size, layout, signage, and perhaps most importantly, its front entrance. Many hotels specifically design their front entrances to accommodate people coming to check in, as well as those who need to wait for a taxi or shuttle bus, or people loading and unloading luggage into their own vehicles. While various nuances differentiate hotel facades from other commercial buildings, there’s one element that’s universal to most lodging businesses across the globe: hotel awnings.

This isn’t to say that every single hotel in the world utilizes an awning over the front entrance — but many do. The presence of an awning often depends on the layout of the hotel. If cars can drive up to the entrance and there’s not a separate area for managing luggage outside of the lobby, then a hotel awning is probably needed.

But if you operate a hotel or motel and you’re considering an awning for the front entrance, you might have a few important questions. First and foremost, is a hotel awning necessary for your hotel? What are the benefits of awnings for hotel entrances? What different kinds of designs are available? What are the best materials to use for hotel canopies and awnings? Finally, where can you find a customizable awning for your hotel?

In today’s guide, we will answer all these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Benefits of Awnings For Hotel Entrances

There are many, many benefits to adding an awning to your hotel entrance. That said, if you’re on the fence for one reason or another, here are some of the main reasons to consider a custom awning or canopy for your hotel business:

  • Classic Hotel Aesthetic – Once again, not every hotel has an awning, but the majority do. It is a classic design that makes hotels immediately recognizable, even from a distance. When people are searching for lodging while driving, having a classic awning over your entrance can help people notice your business and immediately know that you offer a place to rest.
  • Protection From the Elements – The primary function of an awning is to provide overhead protection to those underneath it. A large awning or canopy is great for hotels because people are constantly coming and going. All of that foot traffic necessitates coverage from the sun, rain, or snow. Plus, many awnings can be customized to provide coverage for those who arrive in vehicles and want to park outside the front entrance during check-in.
  • Outdoor Waiting Area – Unlike many other business types, hotels typically expect a certain degree of “loitering.” People need a space to wait outside for a taxi or Uber. Families may want to wait with the luggage while the valet brings their car around. A large awning instantly creates a more comfortable waiting area for everyone.
  • Safety & Accessibility – When paired with lighting fixtures, hotel awnings can increase safety and accessibility near hotel entrances, especially at night. Having an illuminated space with overhead coverage makes it easier to identify and access the entrance, while also making it safer to wait outside.
  • Branding and Marketing Opportunity – Many hotels make their awnings double as signage. It’s easy to put the name of the hotel on the awning, as well as important contact information or logos. This can help make your hotel brand more recognizable and even give you the opportunity to provide 24/7 marketing info to passersby.

Hotel Canopy Design

In years past, cylindrical fabric awnings or Porte Cocheres were common for hotels, but those have largely been replaced by more modern, stylish canopy designs. For example, many contemporary hotels prefer minimalistic coverage that doesn’t require as much maintenance, such as a custom extruded canopy. This design strikes a great balance between simplicity and functionality. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it can still offer ample coverage to pedestrians and parked vehicles.

Another popular canopy design for hotels is the extruded sunshade. These often don’t provide as much protection from rain as more traditional styles, but they still offer plenty of protection from the sun. This is ideal for hotel facades that already have some overhead coverage or for hotels located in hotter areas that get less precipitation.

Since hotel canopies often need to be customized to fit the measurements of your buildings, there are countless ways to create a style that meets your needs and tastes. And when you work with a quality provider like Duralux, we can help you develop a style and design that is perfect for your hotel entrance.

Hotel Canopy Materials

The type of material used for a hotel awning or canopy will largely depend on the design. However, there are a few materials that are especially popular and pragmatic for 21st-century hotels:

  • Aluminum – Aluminum is one of the best materials to use for the frame and roof of a hotel canopy. It’s lightweight and easy to install, yet durable enough to last for years. Aluminum also has a naturally vibrant sheen and surface that is both aesthetically pleasing and great for reducing heat transfer.
  • Glass – Glass is another great option for overhead canopy roofs, particularly when combined with a sturdy aluminum frame. Glass is best for hotels that do not need additional sun protection, but still want an inviting entrance that can offer protection from rain or snowfall.
  • Wood – Wood can work well on its own, or it can be paired with aluminum or glass. Wooden awnings have been a popular choice for centuries, and they can be designed with inserts or sunshades to offer a more varied or multifaceted look.

It’s important to note that there are other canopy and awning materials out there, but they may not be as modern or durable as those outlined above. For example, vinyl and canvas are sometimes used, often for smaller boutique hotels. However, these materials might fade over time and need to be replaced often. Moreover, these fabrics are simply not as strong as aluminum or wood, which means they are more susceptible to physical damage.

Duralux Hotel Entrance Awnings

Are you a hotel owner looking to revamp your front entrance? Do you want to have a more functional facade that also looks great? Finally, could your business benefit from an awning that can be customized to the specifications of your front entrance? If so, Duralux has the expertise and designs to see your architectural dreams come to fruition.

At Duralux, we understand that your hotel needs to look great and offer a top-tier experience to patrons year-round. Adding a custom awning to your front entrance can help improve customer satisfaction, enhance the appearance of your hotel, and reduce the need for more expensive or time-consuming architectural changes.

We currently offer a wide range of custom canopies and awnings, from our Alumilúx extruded aluminum canopies to our DuraWood wooden canopies on aluminum frames. This means that you have plenty of great options when creating your ideal hotel awning. Our custom architectural canopies are specifically made to bridge the gap between lasting functionality and superior style, giving you more room to customize the perfect facade for your hotel.

Interested in adding a custom awning to your hotel or place of business? Reach out to the experts at Duralux today!