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Louvered Awning & Canopy Guide

Looking to enhance the exterior of your commercial space? Whether it’s a retail space, an office building, a restaurant, a house of worship, a residential building, or a hotel, practically any space can benefit from louvered awnings and canopies. Not only will they make a stunning visual impact on your commercial space, they will also provide shade from the sun.

This louvered awning and canopy guide will discuss what exactly a louvered awning is and the benefits of having one. Some of the benefits may surprise you and make you reconsider louvered awnings, also commonly known as louvered sunshades, for your next project.

What Is A Louvered Awning?

A louvered awning features slats that help provide much needed shade on sunny days. The slats allow the light to come through, but do so in a filtered way so that the sun is not too overbearing and strong. Their unique look adds architectural interest and sleek modernity to all types of buildings and facades.

A common conundrum when selecting a customized awning or canopy for your commercial space is whether to go with a louvered awning or a traditional one that offers full coverage from the elements. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding which one to choose. Both options serve different purposes, so it’s important to figure out which functionality best suits your needs.

Benefits Of Louvered Awnings

You may live in an area that is dry and rarely gets any rain. In such a location, a louvered awning with slats will provide both the visual enhancement you are looking for as well as shade from the sun. Even if you live in a rainy climate, perhaps the humidity is so intense that an awning with slats may seem more appealing for the added air flow it provides. The slats are positioned to allow maximum air flow underneath and around the canopy space.

The unique construction of a louvered awning allows it to block direct sunlight but still filter through natural light. If you want your lobby space to have lots of natural sunlight, the slatted awning will be able to offer that increased lighting.

Another benefit of a louvered canopy is that it can be cleaned more easily. The open slats allow easy access for cleaning and also prevent debris from piling up on top of the awning. When it comes to regular building maintenance, this convenience of easy cleaning and not having to wash and scrub down as often can be very appealing.

Surprisingly, a louvered awning can also help with energy consumption. The unique design of its slats blocks direct sunlight during the summer months, allowing the building’s cooling system to work efficiently, unfettered by additional sunlight and heat. During the winter months, the slats allow some sunlight to enter the space, thus helping the heating system warm up the building. This clever system helps the building reduce its overall energy consumption.

It is important to note that in order to maximize the fullest amount of energy consumption possible, designers and engineers should work with you to customize your awning design. They can identify which sides of your building receive the most sunlight and whether a wrap-around louvered awning that goes around the entire building may be needed.

Aluminum Louvered Awnings

Louvered awnings are made with aluminum for a multitude of reasons. Aluminum is a unique metal in that it is a lightweight versatile material that is surprisingly strong. Its extreme durability makes it the perfect choice for awnings and canopies. Constantly exposed to the elements and subjected to the wear and tear of the outdoors, the aluminum construction ensures that the louvered awning remains durable and strong.

Another key benefit of an aluminum louvered canopy, particularly because it will constantly be exposed to the elements, is that aluminum is naturally non-corrosive. Battered by rain, snow, and sleet on a consistent basis, this corrosion-resistance is extremely important.

Not only is aluminum strong, it also looks sleek and modern. With options for powder coating in multiple color choices, including black, gray, gold, and white, the aluminum can be customized to best serve the architectural design of the building’s facade. Varying gloss levels of flat, matte, eggshell, and satin allow for further customization.

Duralux Architectural Sunshade Louvers

Duralux Architectural Canopies offers louvered awnings and canopies designed to suit your individual needs. Each sunshade louver is crafted from heavy extruded aluminum for the ultimate in durability and performance. Fully engineered to last for decades and decades, our louvered awnings promise strength and quality.

At Duralux Architectural Canopies, we offer powder coated aluminum in a variety of color options for a sleek and modern look meant to enhance the facade of any building exterior. Not only does our heavy extruded metal offer the ultimate in durability, it is also built to be weather resistant to survive rain, heavy winds, and all other outdoor elements.

Each sunshade is pre-welded prior to installation. This allows our expert team of engineers to fully construct the awning prior to delivery and installation. Not only does this drastically minimize the installation time and reduce the amount of construction happening in front of your commercial space, it is also much safer to have the welding performed off-site in a location specifically suited for such work.

Armed with the goal of providing jobs within our own country, our aluminum sunshade louvers are constructed in the United States from start to finish. With zero outsourcing, we are able to oversee the entire design and construction process, ensuring the highest durability and quality in each of our products.

Beginning with the design process, our team of designers will work with you to create a louvered awning tailored to your specifications. The designs will then be passed on to our engineering team for final calculations and review. Once approved, fabrication can begin and your custom sunshade will come to life. From the start to final installation, Duralux will be there to guide you through the process to create a louvered awning that will make your commercial space proud.