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Mall Canopy Guide

In recent years, malls have struggled to get people through the door. Online shopping has made it increasingly easy for consumers to get the things they need delivered right to their door, without the need to hop in the car and head to the mall. Consequently, mall culture has declined. However, malls across the nation have persevered and found new ways to engage with people who still prefer in-person shopping.

One simple way to bring back more customers is to remodel old, outdated buildings. Many malls that were designed in the 1990s, 1980s, or even long before are now getting a much-needed facelift. While there are dozens of ways to increase the outward appeal of a mall, any effective change has to start with the entrance. This is where the mall canopy can play a very substantial role.

But if you’re struggling to figure out how to improve the entrance of your mall, you might have a lot of questions about mall canopies and what they can offer. For instance, what are the real benefits of mall canopies? What kinds of materials are commonly used to construct a mall canopy? What types of mall canopies are most popular? What are some things you should consider when designing a custom mall canopy? Finally, where can you find high-quality, custom canopies and awnings for your mall or retail property?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Benefits of Mall Canopies

The benefits of a mall canopy include a lot more than many property developers and contractors may realize. In addition to the more obvious functionality they offer (overhead coverage), you can enjoy all of the following benefits with a quality mall canopy:

  • Comfortable Foot Traffic – A mall canopy can help ensure that people are protected from the elements as they enter the building. It also makes it easier for customers to know where the main entrance or exit is located, which is particularly important for larger malls.
  • Better Branding – Canopies aren’t just a flat piece of material that extends from the front of the mall. They are an opportunity to update and improve signage to make it more appealing to shoppers. Canopies can even be used to hold up temporary signage for sales or special events.
  • Greater Visibility – Whether a mall is located right next to a major highway or it’s tucked away in the middle of a retail district, people need to know that it’s there. A canopy can give the front of the mall greater visibility, increasing the chance that passersby will decide to come in and make a purchase.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience – Certain types of mall canopies create a more comfortable shopping experience by providing additional space where people can gather, wait for their ride, or simply have a seat before or after shopping. These little details may not seem that important, but they can make a huge difference for shoppers who really want to relax and enjoy their time at the mall.
  • Inviting Atmosphere – Shoppers are naturally drawn to stores and buildings with canopies because these structures signal to people that it is a place of shelter and safety. Canopies create a more inviting atmosphere that encourages people to come in the door. This effect can be enhanced even further with canopy lighting, which helps make people feel safer at the mall, even after the sun has gone down.
  • Unique Attraction – A truly unique and custom-designed canopy can turn an otherwise drab and boring mall into a local landmark. This greatly increases the curb appeal, which can improve foot traffic and even encourage people to come from miles away just to visit the mall.

Materials For Mall Awnings & Canopies

The materials used for a mall canopy or awning will largely depend on the design of the building itself. If the mall is getting an entire exterior makeover, then the materials can be used to complement the new style. Otherwise, they will need to work with the existing design. Either way, at Duralux, we’ve found that there are three materials that consistently work well for commercial canopies:

  • Aluminum – If you see a modern metal canopy or awning, there’s a good chance that it’s made of extruded aluminum. This is a strong, durable material that is also resistant to moisture damage (like rust). This makes an aluminum canopy a great long-term investment.
  • Glass – While glass can’t be used for the structure of a mall canopy, it can be used for the roof. This is great for malls that want a sleek, effortless appeal that allows sunshine to provide natural light during traditional business hours. Glass is most often combined with aluminum supports for greater structural integrity.
  • Wood – A wood canopy is great for malls that want to reinvent classic looks from decades past. It’s very easy to combine aluminum and wood (and potentially glass) to create a completely modern and effective canopy. Wood is particularly popular for louvered canopy roofs.

It’s important to note that there are other materials available, but they are far less common. Extruded aluminum is the best for long-term support, while wood and glass can be great complementary materials, especially for property owners who have a very specific design or aesthetic in mind.

Considerations For Mall Canopy Design

There are a lot of different directions you can go with the design of a mall canopy. Like the materials you choose, the design will depend on the look you want to achieve and how that look can work best with your mall’s front edifice. For instance, if it’s a strip mall, you may want an elongated canopy that stretches along the length of the building. Alternatively, you may choose to have smaller canopies installed over specific shops or areas where more people tend to gather.

If you have a traditional mall with a main entrance, you might be more inclined to utilize a canopy with a structural support system. This allows it to extend further away from the building (most often with posts or columns). A front entrance canopy provides a covered walkway that can also be used to add signage and truly customize the main entrance.

Duralux Mall Canopies

Are you in need of a quality mall canopy? Are you a mall owner who wants to revamp your main entrance? Do you want to customize the aesthetic appeal of a retail shop in a strip mall? Or are you simply looking for unique ways to improve your mall and get more people through the door? If so, Duralux has the expertise and designs to see your architectural dreams come to fruition.

At Duralux, we offer a wide range of material and style options, from our Alumilúx extruded aluminum canopies to our DuraWood wooden canopies on aluminum frames. These options ensure that you find the perfect canopy or awning for your mall and create the aesthetic appeal, branding, and practical architecture that you need. Our custom architectural canopies are specifically made to bridge the gap between lasting functionality and superior style, giving you more room to customize the perfect entrance or front edifice for your mall.

Interested in adding a custom canopy to your mall or place of business? Reach out to the experts at Duralux today!