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Wood Awnings

Wood Awning & Canopy Guide

It can sometimes be tough to make your building or retail property stand out from the crowd. In a sea of commercial properties, it can be difficult to make a statement. Architectural awnings and canopies can enhance the exterior of your building and make a real visual impact. In fact, they have become increasingly popular both for their look and their functionality.

However, it can get overwhelming when it comes to deciding what type of awning or canopy to install. With a variety of options available, there is something for every type of facade and style. In this particular guide, we will discuss wood awnings and canopies, a truly modern and luxurious choice.

Benefits Of Using Wood Inserts For Your Awning

Extremely sleek and modern looking, wood awnings act as the perfect complement to any building that wants to refine its look. It is important to note that only the awning inserts are made of wood. The frame itself is made of aluminum for the ultimate in durability and performance.

There is a reason why wood inserts have become such a popular choice for awnings and canopies. Wood is timeless and modern at the same time. It can seamlessly elevate the entire exterior of a property. Particularly because wood awnings are not the typical fabric or aluminum materials that are more mainstream, they are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and be an eye-catching architectural feature.

Besides for their modern and luxurious look, wood awnings and canopies also offer useful functionality. Whether you are a retail store, a restaurant, an apartment complex, or an office, awnings help define your entrance and offer a welcoming nod to those who enter. With the ability to be customized to perfectly match the building facade, wood awnings help distinguish your space and make it highly recognizable. They can also expand the actual space of your property. It provides a place for residents, customers, or patrons to congregate.

Additionally, awnings and canopies are so beneficial because they offer protection from the elements. Whether it’s raining, sleeting, or snowing, the wood awning offers a sheltered and dry space. On a particularly sunny day, the awning can provide much needed shade as well, allowing people to enjoy the fresh air without being hindered by the harsh glare of the sun.

Wood Inserts With An Aluminum Frame

As mentioned previously, there is a reason why the wood inserts are paired with an aluminum frame. It is the perfect combination of looks, functionality, and durability. The wooden inserts are attached via tongue and groove connections to ensure even and smooth joints. Securely placed in aluminum framing, the final look is a seamless display of architectural beauty.

You may be wondering what it is about aluminum that makes it the superior choice for the frame of the wood awning. Aluminum is a unique metal that is very lightweight yet extremely strong. Since it is such a lightweight material, it can be easily customized to be the shape and size needed for your particular awning.

Steel used to be the preferred choice of metal for the framing of canopies and awnings. However, over time, it was discovered to rust and corrode due to constant exposure to the elements. This corrosion ultimately affected the stability of the entire awning and would often make them unsafe and in need of repairs.

Aluminum is naturally non-corrosive so it can be exposed to the rainiest conditions and the harshest climates without rusting. It can therefore remain structurally sound and is able to support the wood awning for the entire life span of the building or property.

Wooden Louvered Awnings

Perhaps you live in a climate that doesn’t see a lot of rain or snow. In places with drier weather, louvered awnings are a popular choice. The unique construction of the open slats lets sunlight filter through without being overly bright to the point where it hurts the eyes. The open slats also allow for air to flow through, making the space underneath the canopy well-ventilated and less hot.

Also known as a louvered sun shade because of its unique ability to provide shade from the sun while still allowing sunlight though its slats, the wooden louvered awning is popular for its look in addition to its functionality. The modern wooden slats are eye-catching in their design and are sure to add architectural interest to the building’s facade.

Before you choose between a wooden louvered awning or a standard wooden awning, it is important to consider the local weather and what you are looking for in an awning. Some people simply want an awning for the wow factor it provides. Some may want a space that offers protection from the rain. Others may want a well-lit space with ample sunlight. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to wood awnings and canopies, it simply comes down to your particular wants and needs.

Duralux Architectural Wood Canopies

At Duralux Architectural Canopies, our highly skilled team of designers and engineers work together with you from start to finish to create the awning of your dreams. Utilizing the highest quality materials, we believe that form and function can go hand in hand and one doesn’t have to compromise the other. For example, we use heavy extruded aluminum for the ultimate in durability. This particular metal offers low density, high strength, and extremely versatile workability.

Firm believers in the powers of creative collaboration, we begin by reviewing your intended design for your wood awning or canopy. If you don’t have one, our team of designers will create one based on your specifications. Once the plans have been finalized, they are sent to our team of engineers for final calculations and approval.

Then, the fun really begins. The design for your wood awning is brought to life. Fabrication is meticulously done to follow each and every detail as specified in the design plans. Upon completion, our team handles the installation of your canopy system. Whether the final product is a wooden canopy or a louvered wooden canopy, it is sure to make an architectural impact and be a statement making conversation piece that transforms the overall look of your entire space.